Get Wetcoins

To mine Wetcoins, directly on this website, you must get Bitcoins first.
If you want to get Bitcoins with a credit card or bank transfer, you must first open an account in an exchange (like < follow this link and get $10 bonus), where you can buy bitcoins by credit card or bank transfer and send them to make the exchange by following the instructions indicated below. If you have any doubt about the process you can contact us through the contact form.

  Tutorial to buy Bitcoins.

Wetcoin itself is created on the BitShares decentralized cryptocurrency platform. BitShares provides an exchange where investors may buy and sell Wetcoins. The BitShares platform is also equipped with payment gateways that makes it very easy to move various currencies to and from the platform instantly at will.

Get wetcoins directly on

Get your Wetcoin wallet.

If you have not yet created a Wallet compatible with Wetcoin, go to and create a new wallet. The account name that is created will be the address to send and receive funds on the BitShares platform with that account.  Your wallet in the bitshares blockchain is your account username.

Register at

If you do not have a account yet, register here. This will allow you to access the form to create a transaction and track the operations performed.

Fill in the mining form and send bitcoins.

Once you have your bitshare account, and you have logged in to, you can fill in the mining form. Once all the information is filled in and sent, You can send your bitcoins to the bitcoin address that appears when you submit the form or in Wetcoin accounts. Once the bitcoins are received, the transaction will be registered and you will receive your Wetcoins in your Bitshares account.  Remember to always fill in the form and send it before send Bitcoins, so that the payment can be associated to your account.

Mining Form