We have completed the first phase of development of our website. the official utility token for services developed at Wetcoin.win is Wpower.
The Wpower is listed in the following Exchanges where it can be purchased and sold.


Wpower traded in the following exchanges:

The Wpower is a native token used at https://wetcoin.win . Wpower is  the utility token of the platform.

Bounty and airdrops.

The Wpower are distributed gradually. There are tasks that are punctual, such as the publication of an article in a blog, they receive 50% of the reward for publishing it, and the other 50% at the end of the campaign if it is still published. In this way the traps of those who publish and unpublish are minimized.
There are tasks that are continuous, such as moderation, signature campaigns, etc. they receive the payments weekly, as long as they meet the conditions.

The problem with the stakes that are won in the bounty campaigns, is that they can not be sold until the end of the campaign. The wetcoin stakes distribution program is somewhat different, using a "Wpower" token that can be sold in the Dex since it is distributed. It is a much more liquid system than conventional Stakes, which can not be redeemed until the end of the campaign.

For the Wetcoin promotion, a Bounty Campaign has been established in the marketplace Wetcoin.win
An initial emission of 10,000,000 Wpower has been established for the campaign. Wpower is obtained by performing tasks, initially a percentage of Wpower is assigned for each task, as follows:

¿What is a stake?
Stakes are a means of measurement. let's say Company A is releasing token B and there are 10 people in their bounty campaign, they have allocated 1 million tokens for this.
Lets say person 1 has 1500 stakes, person 2 has 1000 stakes and the rest of the people combined have 5500 stakes.

Then the total would be 8000 stakes

(1 million / 8000)*amount of stakes you have. In case of person 2 that will be : 1 million/8000*1000 = 125000 of token B.
Bounty stakes would be your reward after the campaign is ended. Stakes are your total shares from the bounty campaign which you participated and it can be computed by getting the difference of the total token supply and the allocated token for the campaigns multiplied to your total stakes which means the fewer the bounty participants the bigger number of tokens you will have.

Airdrop Registration 1000000
Marketing 100000
Web Site Development 100000
Bonus Program 500000
Promotion Team 500000
Translations 500000
Forums Moderation Team 500000
Bounty Management 500000
Content Creation Bounty 1000000
Facebook/ isntagram Bounty 1000000
Twitter Bounty 1000000
Reddit youtube Bounty 200000
Telegram campaign 100000
Software Development 1000000
Signature Bounty 1000000
Signature Management 100000
Advisors 200000
Reserved 700000
Total 10000000

For all the planned items, if all the assigned tokens are not used, they are destroyed (burned) before the final distribution, so that the participants will see the value of their tokens increased. For example:
There is a 7% assigned for supplementary and unforeseen tasks, if at the end of the campaign it has not been necessary to use these tokens will be burned and will not be taken into account for the final assignment. In this way the value of the Wpower in the hands of the participants will increase by 7% or in its corresponding proportion.
Another example with the distribution by tasks:
10% Airdrop for registration: of the 10,000,000 Wpower, 10% are distributed in the airdrop. If by registering at Wetcoin.win you receive up to 1000 Wpower for completing the register, the first 1000 records will receive 1,000,000 Wpower in total. If for some reason all the Wpower of the airdrop are not used, they are burned before the final distribution, and will not be taken into account for the final assignment. In this way the value of the Wpower in the hands of the participants will increase its corresponding proportion.

After the final count, it is determined how many wpower have been distributed, the wpower that has not been distributed will be burned and will not be taken into account.